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A universe of atoms
an atom in the Universe.
~Prof. Richard Feynman

Who are we?

We are a Astrophysics team under SSERD IPD working on finding a relation that accounts for the mass transfer from a companion star to a black hole, which would help us conclude the mass conservation and find if there is any discrepancy, which we call as the ghost mass and use reference systems for validation of ghost mass problem and accounting for the discrepancy using models/computation.

A Brief Introduction

Having been inspired from the Cygnus-X1 system, the goal was to set up a similar binary system model and analyse some fundamental properties. We introduce a hypothetical binary system that consists of a stellar mass black hole, and an intermediate mass main sequence star. The base model builds up on the fact that mass from the star transfers to the black-hole via accretion. This leads to the inclusion of different types of mass transfers that take place in this whole process: Mass transfers due to stellar winds, Roche lobe overflows, advective outflows from the accretion disk, and astrophysical jets.
Upon closer look, these mass transfers are actually the cause of mass losses that occurs during the transfer from a star to a black-hole. So, not all the mass is conserved. This mass discrepancy we term as Ghost Mass. The mass gained by the black-hole is not equivalent to the mass lost by the star.
Our work in summary started off with intense literature review of what systems we could take into consideration, and what mass transfers we could account for. Having singled those out, we then proceeded with our analysis in the following manner:

What have we done?

We obtained the following results for the 3 systems:

System 1: Cygnus X-1

System 2: GRO J1655-40

System 3: LMC X-3

And a simulation of a binary system in Unity made by our Adrian boii

Download our Report

A gallery of the fun we had together!

Also, our iconic kween's terrifying performances

The Team

Bhakti Mithagri
(Asst. Team Leader)
Raj Panchal
Sir Ji
(Team Leader)
Akshita Swaminathan
Ms. Perfectionist
(Comms. Leader)
Apoorv Tripathi
Shradha Ramakrishnan
Parmeshwar Dewangan
Manish Kumar Das
Prof. Snape
(The Lord of this Site)
Adhiraj Bhagawati
Adrian boi
Sahasransu Mohanty
Math boi
Rutanshi Pradhan
Ru..... The Sweet Doctor
Ashika A
Sreeranjini P U
Alice in Wonderland
Sruthi P V
S Syamadas
Keerthi P S
Human Calculator
Sahasra S
Aswathi P S
Suneet Ranjan Khuntia

Reach out

We are really enthusiastic and hopeful to talk with you and exchange ideas, recieve feedback and answer queries. Please feel free to drop a message using any of the mediums below. It was nice meeting you. Themks xD